Adopt A Widow

“..And She draws a Question Mark When She Smiles…”

Adopt A Widow

In my interaction with Widows, the fear of being forgotten is one of their greatest fears as they are forced to adjust to life alone in the new unpleasant normal.

When the music fades, the Griever’s go home and the funeral is over, they are often left alone to make the tough decisions without consistent psychological and emotional support. They play the dual roles of ‘Mrs Dad’ alongside other cultural roles, often bearing the financial burden of raising their children, alone.

Adopt A Widow A.A.W was initiated to elicit the ‘Aaw’ response from widows as we seek to lovingly support them on their journey.

It is a grassroot initiative geared towards providing specific help tailored to the the specific need of the widow. This help varies based on request from one widow to another.

This is not another touch and go philanthropic project, this is an annual ‘Reach and Grow’ project that runs throughout the year.

Interested ‘Benefactors’ are connected with nominated ‘Receptors’ or ‘Beneficiaries’ within their locale to ‘Adopt’ them. Which in this context is a non-legal term for support.

Consider Partnership with us as we continue to empower Women beyond their grief. Raising Hopes and restoring their smiles, one widow at a time.

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