The Other Room

I make fond memories in the living room I let sweet hospitality flow from the kitchen room I increase wisdom & knowledge in the study room And decrease ignorance in the counseling room I grow in faith, kneel in petition in my prayer room I lift my praise, & fix my gaze on His Throneroom I teach, I train, I reach the pain in the conference room I scream, I play with my kids many ways in the children’s room I deepen and receive unconditional love, in the bedroom

I speak, I write, I raise the bar in the boardroom Atimes, I sing aloud so glad I’m alive in the bathroom. I live not solely in any one of these rooms Each room represents a part of my journey to my purpose room Neither roles or rooms or tools define me, I’ll gladly put them to use, in order to refine me.

So if I sit, I stand, I kneel or I lie I add great value in every single room. I’m a progressive woman and My Other room… Is the Purpose Room.

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