When Christmas Isn’t Christmassy.

It’s Christmas season again. And Today, my Heart goes out to those who feel they have no reason to celebrate. Those whose Christmas will be ‘unusual’ because of the absence of a loved one, a separation, loneliness or grief. Financial, domestic or even economic displacement. Perhaps No job, no home or even a country to return to. Missing family members, hospital bound relatives, empty fireplaces, zero presents under the tree.

And those who may be somewhat grateful, but also dissatisfied as the year ends with the reality of unmet goals, untouched dreams, unfinished projects, carry over hopes, lingering questions and unanswered prayers.

Perhaps you haven’t been vindicated yet, those who hurt you haven’t sought your forgiveness and the internal peace you seek seems like a tall order. This season replete with different celebrations; Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Bonuses & Sales may yet be a painful reminder of all that used to be, all that is not, all that is yet to be, and you may feel a nagging void, an overwhelming ache, an emptiness which even fond memories, cheerful banters and lively Carols can’t fill.

I pray for you. I Pray with you. I pray Peace Unbreakable that isn’t tied to people, presents or accomplishments. I pray Joy Unspeakable that isn’t fueled by feasts or fortunes. I pray Hope Unquenchable that is relentless even in the face of nagging fears.

I pray you experience the Flawless Depths of God’s Love, the Consistency of His Grace, the Excessiveness of His Mercy. And I know that if God was to say something to you now it would be:

“Dear Child. I see you. I know you. And I love you <3

Let me encourage you to Please be Strong and don’t lose your Song. Though you were stopped, you can choose to not get Stomped. Live Again. Thrive Again. Merry Christmas. Happy Hannukah. Happy Kwanza. Above all, God’s Peace.

Your Friend,

~ (c)dreden 12.24.16

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