Law Of Recognition: Know Your Team

When in a New territory or environment, you’ll do well to look out for 3 kinds of people:

The RECEPTIVE (Friendly) ~ They help you, update you with vital info, have a lot to say but may be unable to balance engaging and time-wasting. They are often sincere but can also be unprofessional. They’ll attempt to bring ‘office’ or location gossip to you. You can learn a lot from their excessive voluntary gist but don’t get entangled in their drama and avoid being factored into their cliques. Some may evolve into life-long friendships and others burn out as quickly as a candle lit in a hurricane when you know them well and discover what they truly want.

The COMBATIVE (Unfriendly) ~ They size you up at first glance and react to your presence usually with body language. They minimize your accomplishments and maximize your shortcomings. They think you are unfair competition and prejudge your ‘perceived’ unfair advantages without getting to know you. They throw around verbose tales of their self-imposed relevance and will even attempt to cut down authority figures in their narcissistic narrative. Give them no attention, but don’t ignore their antics either. If they turnaround, it would be a rarity.

The ADAPTIVE (Neutral) ~ They remain unmoved and unfazed by your presence, mostly keeping to themselves. They are ambivalent and difficult to discern. You don’t seem to bother them and they don’t bother with you. They’re distant and could grow to either become loyally receptive or totally combative. They may eventually find their ‘voice’ when they bring complaints to you.

Happy New Month. GO Discern. Discover. Dominate.

~ ┬ędreden 12.01.16

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