(In Honor of Domestic Violence Victims)

She took the beating…. They called her strong They called her sensible They called her virtuous They said she didn’t ‘quit’ They said she loved her man They said she took the suture To save her kids future

She took the beating…. She wouldn’t take from her coworker The breaking even criminals don’t get The insult she didn’t take from friends The bruising she didn’t get from the vilest fiends The grafting that left her skin & heart seared The shame she never tolerated from a stranger The lame excuse for his violent anger.

She took the beating…. But it just didn’t stop, she bled to her own death, They gave her a fresh full florist’s wreath And dressed her daintily in a pretty white sheath When the strong-sensible-virtuous-victim died, They all sadly wondered why she had thought her destiny was tied To the pounding hands of an angry guy.

She took the beating….. For what you’d think For fear if she didn’t, you’d let her shrink If she dares to leave Don’t make her stay Should she choose to un-cleave Don’t make her pay. Don’t call her strong ‘cos she took abuse Don’t say she’s a quitter if she left her own ‘hell’ She’ll be fine, her kids’ll be fine if she gets to LIVE Help her, save her now so we don’t get to grieve.

(C)dreden 10.10.16

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