“The world is a lonely place when all we do is Give”- Bovi.

Giving is profound, yet we must take the time, and trust enough to receive. No life thrives singularly on what comes into it or what goes out of it alone. It’s an imbalance in the scale of values to give and give without receiving intermittently.

You deserve to be given, to be forgiven. To be loved, and encouraged. You! Yes, you. The Holy Book encourages us with the Blessedness of Giving, but also reminds us that it shall be given back to us, in fact in an overflow. Proverbs 11:1 says ‘God hates unjust scales’. This is strong reminder that we must commit to achieving balance in our lives.

Rest must even out busyness, purpose must even out relaxation, laughter must even out worry, study must even out ignorance, exercise must even out sedentary lifestyle, sobriety must even out non-chalance. Receiving must also even out Giving, et al

Don’t be the proverbial ‘Dead Sea’ receiving from others and giving nothing back, but more importantly do not be a Faucet or Tap giving, and giving without an avenue to receive. The world does not need anymore casualties who got burnt out because they gave too much and received nothing, or too little.

Please, Commit to living a Life of Balance. Commit to receiving, Commit to YOU!

(c)dreden 08.12.14

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